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In brief, Simply...Challenging is my challenge blog. Here, I'm only listing the reading (and 1 writing) challenges I am/have taken part in, as well as book lists for each. My reviews are posted at Goodreads. Yes, it seems weird, but right now, it works for me. ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge

1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012

Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf is hosting the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge.

The challenge is simple: read books from your library!  Regular books, audio books and ebooks are allowed, but re-reads are not. 

There are 4 levels to choose from:
Level 1 - Read 12 library books
Level 2 - Read 24 library books
Level 3 - Read 36 library books
Level 4 - Read 37+ library books


I'm going with level 4 (37+ library books), with a self-imposed goal of 100.  I'm a frequent user of the library (especially considering that I work in one! ;) and it's where I get the majority of my books.  For this challenge, I won't be making a list ahead of time.

As titles are read, they will be dated, a link to a review posted, and (finally, since I love to do it!) crossed out.   
1.  Publish Your Family History by Susan Yates and Greg Ioannou (22 January 2012/Review coming)
2.  How to do everything with your genealogy by George G. Morgan (23 January 2012/Review)

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