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In brief, Simply...Challenging is my challenge blog. Here, I'm only listing the reading (and 1 writing) challenges I am/have taken part in, as well as book lists for each. My reviews are posted at Goodreads. Yes, it seems weird, but right now, it works for me. ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

World War I Reading Challenge

1 January 2012 - 31 December 2012
The folks at War Through the Generations are hosting a World War I Reading Challenge.  Yay! 

Anything (fiction, non-fiction graphic novels, etc.) counts.  Books can take place before, during, or after the war, so long as the conflicts that led to the war or the war itself are important to the story. Books from other challenges count so long as they meet the above criteria.

There are 3 challenge levels plus a special read-a-long:
Dip: Read 1-3 books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.
Wade: Read 4-10 books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.
Swim: Read 11 or more books in any genre with WWI as a primary or secondary theme.
Read-a-Long: During the summer, participants have the option of doing a group read of Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms.

A movie (or two) can be substituted or added to your list.  Anyone that finishes the minimum number of books (1-3) is eligible to be entered for the post-challenge draw, even if you've committed to the 11+.  There is also a page for recommended WWI reads, to which you can submit entries by emailing the hosts at the address listed below.  Reviewers can also share their thoughts by emailing the challenge hosts at warthroughthegenerations (at) gmail (dot) com.


I'll be Swimming (11+) amongst the books this year...maybe I can actually read all the ones (Tim Cook, Margaret MacMillian, Desmond Morton....) that I've been meaning to read for ages! ;)  I'll be sticking to non-fiction reads, most (if not all) Canadian.  Since both of Tim Cook's books are monster tombs, I don't know if I'll read both of them, but I'm going to try!  I've listed (tenatively) the books I'm planning to read below.

As titles are read, they will be dated, a link to a review posted, and (finally, since I love to do it!) crossed out.
1.  At the Sharp End by Tim Cook
2.  Shock Troops by Tim Cook
3.  Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan
4.  For Freedom and Honour? by Andrew Godefroy
5.  Shoestring Soldiers by Andrew Iarocci
6.  Curse of the Narrows by Laura M. MacDonald
7.  Fight or Pay by Desmond Morton
8.  Medicine or Duty by Marjorie Barron Norris
9.  Eye-Deep in Hell by John Ellis
10.  From Vimy Ridge to the Rhine edited by G. D. Sheffield and G. I. S. Inglis
11.  The Madman and the Butcher by Tim Cook
12.  Forgotten Voices of the Great War by Max Arthur
13.  Gallant Canadians by Daniel Dancocks
14.  To End All Wars by Adam Hochschild

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