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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking ahead...

So, I've been gathering a list of all (at least those that have been announced) the reading challenges that look interesting for 2012...doesn't mean I'm going to enter them all, but they look interesting nevertheless!  Since I started late last year (as in early Summer), I didn't officially enter any of the reading challenges I took part in.  This year, between this site and GoodReads, I'm hoping to have a better track record...

Julia Quinn Reading Challenge, hosted by Aislynn at Stitch - Read - Cook - I've wanted to read JQ's books for ages (I've always heard fantastic things about them), but I never seem to actually get around to it...  Entered! - Challenge post.

World War One Reading Challenge, hosted by the folks at War Through the Generations - This RC's a definite... it's WW1!  Entered! - Challenge post.

Library Challenge, hosted by Jessica (Jessica's Musings), with it's own challenge blog - This one's a bit different that the other library challenge (see below), in that it's more specific towards what to read...definitely has my interest. ;)

Support Your Local Library Challenge, hosted by Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf - The only "harsh" stipulation here (for me) would be the "no re-reads" line, otherwise the challenge levels (for me) are easily surpassed (starts at 12 and ends, 5 levels later, at 37+...37??) Entered! - Challenge post.

Banned/Challenged Book Reading Challenge, also hosted by Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf - This challenge is to read banned/challenged books, with 4 levels to choose from.

Romantic Suspense Reading Challenge, once again hosted by Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf - Love romantic suspense? This challenge dares you to read between 4 (level 1) and 15+ (level 4) in the coming year.

Romance Reading Challenge, yet again hosted by Jamie at The Eclectic Bookshelf - Just love romance? This one has the same levels as RS above, though YA and erotica are not included.  Entered! - Challenge post.

150+ Reading Challenge, hosted by the ladies at My Overstuffed Bookshelf - The challenge is simple: read 150 or more books in 2012! The only no-no's are individual short stories, the Bible, or comic books. Sign me up! ;)  Entered!  Challenge post

Paranormal Reading Challenge, hosted by Tales From the Crypt - The only exception is vampires, who (of course ;) have their own challenge (see below). Levels are pretty fair (and are consistant throughout all the challenges offered by this blog)...though I may only sign up for one of the five (the other two are 100+ and Read Your Own Books) that they're offering.

Vampire Reading Challenge, also hosted by Tales From the Crypt - Same as above, except you read books featuring only vampires.

Paranormal Romance Reading Challenge, also hosted by Tales From the Crypt - This time, limited to paranormal romance. Hmmm...

Men in Uniform Reading Challenge, hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen - Mmmm, men in uniform...how is this wrong? ;) The challenge is to read between 1-5 (level 1) and 16+ (level 4)...I think this one might be doable.  Entered!  Challenge post

A Tale of Redwall, hosted by the lovely lady at The Book Dragon's Lair - This challenge is to read, in order, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques...something I have been meaning to do for a very long time. Here's my chance!

Reading Challenge Addict, once again hosted by Cheryl (CMash Loves to Read) and Gina (Hott Books), with it's own challenge blog - I'll be entering this "easy" challenge again ;)  Entered!  Challenge post

New Author Challenge, hosted by Jackie at Literary Escapism - Who is not on the look-out for new authors, especially when our "old favourites" don't write fast enough! ;) Though I'm not sure I can make 50 new fiction authors, I might go for the lowest level (15).

Medieval Challenge, hosted by JNCL at The Beauty of Eclecticism - The challenge is to read from a set list of books at three different challenge levels, with the condition that all the listed books were published between 400-1500. Maybe this will actually give me the push to actually read them, instead of just wishing.  Entered!  Challenge post

Get Steampunked!, hosted by the lord and ladies at Bookish Ardour - Do you know how many steampunk books I have on the Goodreads to-read shelf? Way too many...  Entered!  Challenge post

Tea and Books Reading Challenge, hosted by Birgit at The Book Garden - The Tea and Books RC aims to pair a warm mug of tea with a tomb of a book...of 700 or more pages! (no short story collections or large print)  Entered!  Challenge post

Immortal Reading Challenge, hosted by the lusty...um, lovely ladies ;) at Under the Covers - PR, UF, straight up F/SF...as long as it contains an immortal character, it's game! Participants can choose their own reading goals, while picking 1 to 4 categories (vampires, angels/demons, fae, and shifters/werewolves), with a minimum of 3 books in each (with bonus goals to boot!).

Non-Fiction Non-Memoir Reading Challenge, hosted by Julie at My Book Retreat - One. One little non-fiction challenge...can I cry now? Sigh, I think I'm going to have to invent my own nf challenge... Still, 25 books (level 4: "Master's Degree")...very doable.  Entered!  Challenge post

Sci-Fi Reader Challenge, hosted by the Mandroid employees (otherwise known as Leslie and Fernando) from Working for the Mandroid - The first of 2 (and a half) science fiction challenges, for this one participants choose a book from 12 listed categories. Apparently there are prizes.

Sci-Fi Challenge, hosted by Ellie at Curiosity Killed the Bookworm - The 2nd (of 2 1/2) 2012 sci-si challenge, this has the same number of books (12) sans categories. More prizes.

Speculative Fiction Challenge, hosted by the folks (Lisa, Kwame and Kris) at Adventures of 2.0 - This (the 1/2 of the 2012 sci-fi challenges) challenge is in it's third year, but with new hosts! The goal is to read speculative fiction (aka, fantasy and science fiction - thus, 1/2), choosing between 3 (level 1: "Nosey") to 48 (level 5: "Obsessed") books.  Entered!  Challenge post

And finally (so far, anyway)...

Greek Classics, hosted by Jean at Howling Frog Books - There are 4 levels to choose from, each named after an ancient Greek author.  Entered!  Challenge post

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