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In brief, Simply...Challenging is my challenge blog. Here, I'm only listing the reading (and 1 writing) challenges I am/have taken part in, as well as book lists for each. My reviews are posted at Goodreads. Yes, it seems weird, but right now, it works for me. ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

With only a month left...

So, while I've been ignoring blogging, I haven't stopped reading (though there was a little blip in the fall, but we'll ignore that...).

Challenges In Progress (and expiring December 31):

1.  100+ Reading Challenge - ooh, so close...only 5 left!!!
2.  A-Z Mystery Author Challenge - this one may be iffy...I've only read 1 of the required 9
3.  Books to Movies Challenge - read the (2) books, now I just have to watch the (2) movies
4.  Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge - currently standing at 4 of 10...I just need to get back into my romance reading groove
5.  Cozy Mystery Challenge - okay, so this one closed in September, but I only have 1 book left! 
6.  Fantasy Reading Challenge - with only 2 left, I'm going to stretch it to include Doctor Who...he's the stuff of fantasy, right? ;)
7.  First in a Series Challenge - a little over half way there, I still have 4 books to read...
8.  HP7 Challenge - um, this was another "suppose to be done earlier" challenge, but I didn't quite make it (to either date...).  Why am I dragging my feet?  It's Harry Potter...I don't want it to be over! ;)
9.  Jane Austen Challenge - 2 read, 2 to go...this may not make the deadline...
10.  Manga Challenge - well, none.  But I have no doubt I'll breeze through this one in December.  It's only 6 books, afterall (she said).
11.  Non-Fiction Challenge - 1 left, thank you very much!
12.  Paranormal Romance Challenge - I've barely read any romance this year and it shows!  I should have been able to breeze right through this challenge...instead, I'm stuck at 2 (of 20!)
13.  Read to Me Picture Book Challenge - who says you have to have kids to read picture books?  172 of 200, ha!
14.  The Reichenbach Falls Challenge - yes, it's only 1...but when I get my butt in gear, and pick up the tomb (otherwise known as The Complete Collection), I'll be plowing through this challenge pretty quickly...
15.  Romance Reading Challenge - again, a lousy year for romance!  I love romance!  But I have 4 to go!
16.  Series Challenge - sigh, I had such plans... This challenge is going to be pared down to one author, I just haven't decided which one...sigh.

Challenges In Progress (2012 and beyond):

1.  Agatha Christie Reading Challenge (perpetual) - of 88, I've read 2 (I'm reading Poirot first)
2.  Canadian Book Challenge (2012) - read 8 of 13, but this one I'm still finagling with (reviews)
3.  Chunkster Challenge (2012) - committed to 6, but have only read 2...I like hefty books, but this may be an issue...
4.  Nancy and the Boys Challenge (perpetual) - 19 of over 1000 (yes, 1000 - 1028, to be exact...that's why it's perpetual)
5.  Pride and Prejudice Challenge (2012) - 2 of 36...I'm thinking this one might shift into a perpetual challenge...

Challenges Completed:

1.  Dewey Decimal Challenge - 4/4
2.  Graphic Novels Challenge - 20/20
3.  Historical Fiction Challenge - 2/2
4.  Seconds Challenge - 6/6
5.  Support Your Local Library Challenge - 100/100
6.  Valley of the Kings Challenge - 6/6
7.  What An Animal Challenge - 6/6

In Brief...
Of 28 total challenges I entered this year, I've completed 7.  I have 16 (!) still in progress that are set to end on December 31st and 5 that are either expiring next year or have no close date.  I've read (according to Goodreads) 368 books, with a total of 44,357 pages.  Not bad for a crappy romance reading year ;)

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